It was the morning of December 20th,

I was half asleep and laying on my left side when I realized I was having contractions. They were pretty strong and nothing like the Braxton hicks I had been having all week. I didn’t think there was any way I could be in labor since my due date wasn’t until the next day and I have never had an early baby before so I got out of bed and started walking to the bathroom when I felt something running down my leg. I quickly got to the bathroom and texted my midwife that I thought my water broke - another thing that’s never happened before. She had me get a test out of the birth kit to check for amniotic fluid. It turned out my water hadn’t broken and it was just some bloody show. I also stopped having contractions when I was up and about so I figured my body was working on things and she would probably just come on her due date. 

Corey worked from home just in case something were to pick up though. 

The rest of the morning as long as I was walking around I didn’t have contractions but if I laid on my left side they would come back but even then they were still a good 15-20 min apart. So that afternoon i took a nap making sure to lay on my left side so my body could keep working. That 2 hour nap should have been a good indicator that she would be coming soon because I tend to nap before I go into labor. I got up from my nap and went about the rest of the day. The kids got up from quiet time, Corey finished up work and I made dinner. We sat down to eat and I got two bites down before I realized I did not feel like eating. I got up and walked around the room holding my belly up to encourage her to get into my pelvis. Seven o’clock came and we started getting the kids ready for bed. All of a sudden contractions started coming fast. I was trying to help Mia pick up her toys and time them at the same time but they were coming so fast I couldn’t do both. I finally had enough contractions logged to see that they were 2 minutes apart and clearly not going anywhere, I called my midwife and she said they would be on their way. Then I texted our photographer Vanessa and she said she would be on her way too! Next I let my sister know and she made her way over as well. 

I said goodnight to the kids and we told them that when they woke up their baby sister would be here! Then as Corey finished putting them to bed I went downstairs and got my birth playlist on and started getting my head ready for this. One by one everyone started arriving, Corey started setting up the birth pool and filling it up. After doing this three times he’s got it down! He went upstairs and asked Isla if she wanted to help. At first she said no, but then changed her mind and I think she’s really glad she did. 

When the birth pool was almost full I got in and my contractions were strong enough that I could still feel them but not painful at all and that’s just how I wanted it. I stayed in there for a while until I started getting hot and then decided I would get out and try to lay on my side again. I laid down and had one really strong contraction like the ones I had earlier in the day but then I realized I had to pee so I got up and went to the bathroom. While I was in there I had another longer contraction. Corey had gone with me to keep an eye on me and he says that contraction is when he realized something shifted. I walked out to the living room and halfway through I had another contraction that I couldn’t help but push with. I got back into the pool and the midwives started getting things ready. With each contraction I pushed long and hard and it must be because she was bigger than my other girls but pushing her took a lot more effort. I started getting lightheaded from the heat of the water and next thing I knew Corey stuck a cold rag in my hand. Without asking he just kept replacing the rag with a fresh cool one. He knew how much I wanted to stay in the birth pool and in the past I would always get out and that act helped me stay in. Isn’t he the best?! 

As I was waiting for the next contraction fear started to creep in. I didn’t want to keep going but just then the song “no fear” was playing in the background. As I heard the words “turn your eyes upon Jesus, right here right now no fear” I knew I had a choice. I could give into fear and this could take a long time, or I could lock eyes with Jesus and know that I was so close to holding my girl. I shoved fear aside and I pushed again and my water broke (for real this time). I could feel her head was right there so I pushed one more time and her head was out. But after that she didn’t continue to rotate so my midwife - knowing my history with shoulder dystocia, got me up to standing and helped her rotate and get her out. At 10:15pm I heard her cry and knew everything was good. They got her in my arms and back in the water and as I sunk in relief washed over me. In just 15 min of pushing she was finally here. All 9 lbs 4 ounces and 21.25 inches of her. After all the waiting and fears of if I was ever really going to get this baby I was praying for she was finally in my arms. Vera Adelle - my rainbow girl. My promise. 

When we decided we wanted one more baby I had my heart set on having a boy and giving Finley a brother, but one day I heard God say, "I want you to have another girl". I questioned if it was really Him or just maybe a secret desire of my heart that I didn't realize but what He told me next made me certain that it was Him. "You think you know what your family needs right now, but I know what the world needs 30 years from now!" He's right, I have no idea what the world is going to need in 30 years, but apparently this little girl is going to have what it needs. Vera means truth and faith. We had no idea how much of our faith it would take to bring this speaker of truth into the world but I’m so glad we never gave up. She is beyond worth it all.

Welcome to the world Vera Adelle. We love you more than words could ever say!

Vera's Birth Video