I'm Sarah, wife to my very best friend Corey. We grew up in our high school youth group and never thought we would end up together and yet, here we are! And I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone else.

I am also momma to the three cutest kids on the planet! My oldest is Isla (5), she is super intelligent, gorgeous and so much like me it's a little scary! She is quiet around others but has a crazy side that only the ones who are intentional in getting to know her will ever experience. My middle child is Finley (2), my curly haired blue eyed boy who has more energy than the sun! He is such a momma's boy and has the sweetest heart. My girls are so lucky to have him for a brother. My baby is Mia (11mo), my wished for child. I don't have the time to put into words what this girl has done to me but she is such a gift! Her smile is contagious and she loves to have fun! She was such a perfect addition that we didn't even realized our family needed and for that we will always be grateful.

I started my photography for more than just loving to take beautiful images. I also wanted to provide people with an easy experience. That contracts and payments wouldn't be awkward and uncomfortable but simple and professional. That I can create an atmosphere where you feel free to be yourself, even in front of a camera! That you would feel confident and comfortable and you would walk away with photos that aren't just updated portraits for on your wall, but also a fun memory that you and your loved ones share.

Updating family portraits should never be an experience that you dread. It should be something fun and exciting that you look forward to! You will never want to print pictures to look at over and over if you didn't love the process. So that is why I'm here, to change the way people feel about photos. You ready to make some memories?!?