So you want to know how to get the best results from your session right?

Of course you do! That is why I am going to go over the biggest factor that can change how your photos turn out. And better yet, I have examples so you can see exactly what I am talking about. So here it is - the biggest factor that determines the outcome of your photos is......

time of day!

You may be thinking, can the time of day really have that much effect on how my photos look? Yes, it makes such a huge difference! You may not care, and if not that's great! But if you have a vision for how you'd like your end result to look, then you will want to consider when you are scheduling your session. So today I am going to show you three different photos. They are all taken at the exact same location, but during completely different times of day.

See how completely different these images are?

So lets talk about each image....

Image One | Early afternoon

This image is one of my favorites! It's so bright and light and gorgeous and she looks like she is just glowing! The entire image is just so full of light! This is because it was early afternoon -more specifically around 2pm. The sun was still very high in the sky and there were no clouds to the filter the light. This creates a very bight and airy image that I personally LOVE!

Now there are some things to look out for in this lighting. Not all photographers know how to work with this lighting well. If this is the look you desire, be sure to hire a photographer who is confident in harsh sun light.

image two | late afternoon with a bit of rain

I love the look of this family session because the lighting here really highlights the beautiful fall colors. It was very overcast and I remember even getting some rain during that session as well, but it didn't stop this family and I'm so glad it didn't! Whereas the bright sunlight created a bright and airy feel in the first image, the bright sunlight actually hides the beauty of the location. With overcast skies and the sun starting to get lower in the sky, you are able to really take in the beauty of the lake and the trees. So if you are looking for images that really showcase your surroundings, definitely go with a time of day that will not wash them out. A cloudy day won't hurt either!

image three | golden hour

This seems to be every photographers favorite time of day! (Hence you're viewing one of my family shame) But for good reason! This is the time of day when the sun is glowing but not in a bright and harsh way. It's a deep glow that gives your images such a warmth to them. This was my dream for our family session this past year, so when I saw how perfect the day was turning out to be, I got everyone ready (called my sister to snap the camera for me) and we just went on a whim! But most photographers know when to schedule golden hour based on what time of year it is, so be sure to talk it over with them ahead of time.

The biggest con to golden hour is that the sun goes down FAST! Find a photographer who knows how to work fast and also move with the light if need be. If you have kids, make sure your photographer is gifted in working with kids so that you don't loose all your light before you get any good pictures. This is one time of day that you'll want an experienced photographer for if you want the best result!

So there you go! one location - three totally different but gorgeously unique outcomes

So which is your favorite look? I'd love to hear from you!